Body-Worn Cameras: An Essential Technology for Essential Workers

Capture evidence, deter aggression & provide peace of mind for those risking their lives during the current pandemic published: October 20, 2020 by Avigilon CHALLENGE Essential workers around the world are risking COVID-19 infection on a daily basis to ensure emergency services are available, waste is collected, public transport still operates, and supermarkets remain open. In … Read more

Top 3 Video Security Solutions for Commercial Businesses

published: September 13, 2019 by Avigilon Commercial businesses often face unique video security challenges depending on their facilities, assets, daily operations and the nature of their work. To help protect your commercial business and its resources, deploying a smart access control system that integrates with video management software and high-quality video security cameras lays a solid … Read more

Classroom of the Future

A New Norm For Remote Learning Give your students the quality learning experience they deserve. Regardless of location, Mediasite can provide a quality learning experience to your students. Transform learning into an active, memorable experience with Mediasite’s engagement tools. CLICK FOR A FREE E-BOOK Ford partners with educational institutions across the country from universities to local … Read more

Mediasite Quick Start Package

Mediasite is the industry leader for virtual learning, lecture capture and cloud streaming and quickly scales to accommodate your new viewership and storage needs. Act now to fast-track your virtual environment with our discounted quick-start packagesck-start packages. VIRTUAL QUICK START PACKAGE MEDIASITE VIDEO CLOUD up to 1,000 hours of content free Mediasite Video Cloud scales … Read more

How to set up the ideal Home Office

Ideal is a key word. Since many have had to rapidly transition to work-from-home mode and may not have had time to plan ahead, I wanted to share some key tips when creating your home office to help you maximize your performance. Location, location, location … Unless you have a dedicated home-office space, you are likely trying to find a spot to co-opt … Read more

Optimize for Every Room Size

CBRE Group, Inc. is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm and is routinely included on the Fortune 500. Located high above Park Avenue, CBRE’s Manhattan office features multiple conference rooms and huddle spaces integrated with Zoom video conferencing software. Zoom Rooms integration simplifies three of the biggest conference room pain points: … Read more

Telehealth Video Conferencing

The convergence of AV & IT in the healthcare field have increased both opportunities and the demand from patients and medical staff.  It has also raised the bar for healthcare systems to provide more options for patient access to medical providers and improve levels of care while reducing cost. Ford AV is innovative in supporting … Read more

Hardware Doesn’t Have To Be A Hard Decision


Your organization may already have a Unified Communications (UC) platform like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx or Zoom deployed. However, to add a new meeting room, leaders must decide which hardware to use: a PC, a portable device or a dedicated device. Each of these have different benefits including flexibility, security and user experience. Flexibility Have … Read more

Be Seen with Large Format Displays

Indeed Conference Room

Indeed, a global leader in workforce staffing, opened a new office in Austin’s Domain Tower. The eleven-story, 310,000 SF facility accommodates over 1,700 employees and visitors. To make the right impression to guests inside and outside the building, Indeed partnered with Ford to create a video wall display that is the centerpiece of the building’s … Read more