Microsoft Teams Panels

Microsoft Teams Panels provide a native Microsoft Teams experience throughout your workday—from booking spaces to holding meetings. Everything at your fingertips, from floor plans and catering to concierge service and support.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Panels 

  • View space and meeting details
  • Reserve spaces
  • View upcoming reservations
  • Identify availability status
  • View floor plans for nearby availability and booking*
  • Occupancy data integration*
  • Overcapacity warning*
  • Room check-in*

*Upcoming features

Find your ideal room scheduling solution from an unequaled selection of options

Room Availability Indicators

Illuminated signage makes it easy to find the right space at the right time.

PoE Occupancy Sensors

Communicates via network to instantly update room status.

Ford AV Features & Benefits

Ford AV is a leading global Microsoft Teams Rooms integrator that brings professional, world-class design, installation, and service.  From huddle rooms to auditoriums, Ford AV certified Microsoft engineers design professional audio and video systems that work with Teams Rooms of any size.

  • Provides a designed, installed and service-supported solution
  • Is a leading global Microsoft Teams Rooms certified integrator
  • Has designed and installed thousands of web conferencing rooms around the globe

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Ford AV is a Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services partner providing world-class end-to-end Microsoft integration. To learn more about how Microsoft Teams or how their Room Panels may benefit you, complete this form.