Digital Signage

The Right Message At The Right Time

Digital signage delivers the right message at the right time to keep people engaged and informed about your institution, both inside and outdoors.  Ford AV digital signage helps connect people, places, and spaces with any content, any user anywhere, anytime, any screen.

Turnkey Digital Signage with Ford AV and 22 Miles

Transform your visual communication effortlessly with our comprehensive turnkey digital signage solutions. In partnership with 22Miles, Ford AV offers a seamless blend of state-of-the-art hardware, innovative software, and engaging content creation. Whether you need scalable solutions for any space, interactive wayfinding, or data-driven insights, our turnkey package ensures a unified and impactful digital signage experience.

Learn more about our turnkey digital signage solutions and elevate your space today.

Indeed Lobby Photo.

Direct View LED

Make your message bigger and brighter

Ford AV offers Direct View LED that provides vivid, large-format, high-resolution video to deliver your message with extraordinary impact. It can be viewed outside in full sunlight or place in a lobby, restaurant
— any place people gather.


Greet and assist

Greet your guests and help them find where they need to be quickly. Ford AV provides way-finding that uses a touchscreen display to welcome your visitors and intuitively assists them in finding their destination using moving graphics or even a personal greeting.

Digital Signage - Wayfinding.
Emergency Communications.

Emergency Communication Systems

When seconds count, are you prepared?

An Emergency Communication System (ECS) ensures rapid communication with your staff and visitors from one centralized point of control. Providing automated and live announcements, an ECS uses digital signage to connect all messaging systems, communicating a life-threatening incident and guide people to safety.

Visitor Management

Register and track your guest as they enter and leave your facilities

Register and track your guests as they enter and leave your facilities. Visitor Management kiosks and software help defend your workplace against potential security threats by requiring digital registration.

Visitor Management.


Reserve your work space from anywhere

Book your desk resources while you’re in the office, at home, or on the go. Space reservation features are built-in to am app, so corporate workers can find and book a desk near their team, the perfect room for a client meeting, even a parking space.

Virtual Kiosks

Touch and go orders, payment processing, ticketing, and more

Speed the customer experience. Virtual Kiosks can provide wayfinding, process orders and payments without the need for additional human resources.

Virtual Kiosk.
Content Creation.

Content Creation

Make them say WOW with stunning content

Ford AV partners with the nation’s top content creators who make an ordinary message extraordinary. Inspirational, high-definition, and moving content drives your key message points in a creative way to get noticed.

Your Message From The Start

From the moment visitors and staff arrive on your campus, you can start communicating your message to this highly captive and targeted group using Digital Signage.

Digital signage helps connect people, places, and spaces with any content, any user anywhere, anytime, on any screen.

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