Be Seen with Large Format Displays

Indeed, a global leader in workforce staffing, opened a new office in Austin’s Domain Tower. The eleven-story, 310,000 SF facility accommodates over 1,700 employees and visitors. To make the right impression to guests inside and outside the building, Indeed partnered with Ford to create a video wall display that is the centerpiece of the building’s lobby.

The direct view LED wall joins at a 90° angle with one 30’ x 10’ section and another 10’ x 10’ section. The wall utilizes Planar CLI2.6-F panels, which feature a 2.6mm pixel pitch and 140° viewing angle, resulting in images that can be viewed relatively close and from a variety of perspectives. Despite the lobby’s glass facade, the brightness of the panels allows for a highly-visible image, no matter the time of day. All of these features combined guarantee Indeed’s direct view LED wall will make a visual impact to their guests.

The direct view LED wall isn’t the only video wall application in the building. Indeed’s auditorium features a 12’ x 7’ bezel-less LCD video wall comprised of nine displays. The bezel-less display provides a near-seamless transition between displays, which provides more viewing surface for the video wall. The auditorium also includes theatrical lighting, an audio system and a multi-channel HD recording system.

Indeed’s implementation of video walls illustrates their versatile use. No matter the room’s size or lighting situation, a video wall can be adapted to fit any space