Ford AV Creates a 61-Foot LED Video Wall Above HeyDay’s Bowling Lanes

HeyDay Entertainment sought to expand its operations outside of the original Norman, Okla., location and renovated a two-story venue in downtown Oklahoma City’s Bricktown Canal in 2017. The facility includes 10 bowling lanes, arcade games, dining options and a full-service bar.

To compete with the variety of entertainment options in the vicinity, HeyDay wanted to create an eye-catching location with a vivid experience that would be the envy of the area, so they called on Ford Audio-Video Systems (Ford AV) to make their vision a reality through the use of dynamic audio, video and lighting that was both flexible and user-friendly.

Planning for Such a Large LED Video Wall

Over the course of several weeks, Ford AV presented a variety of solutions to partner Brad Little that spoke to the heart of HeyDay’s vision, then work commenced on the project.

In order to provide a “wow experience” to HeyDay customers and create a memorable experience that would bolster social media exposure, HeyDay wanted a flagship feature that would be the envy and focus of those in the Bricktown district.

To accomplish that, Ford installed a 61-foot direct view large LED video wall that spans across all 10 bowling lanes.

The digital video processor enables the wall to display up to five different video feeds at once or one large image. This allows popular athletic events to be show alongside music videos and news streams, all while guests are bowling.

Indoor and outdoor foreground speaker coverage is achieved through 27 high-output pendant speakers that are evenly distributed inside and six weather-resistant speakers for the patio area.

One of HeyDay’s priorities was creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere for their guests.

To accomplish this, Ford installed 50-plus LED lights in the bowling area. These included moving light fixtures that could be paired with a DMX show recorder to deliver lighting cues to music.

Two LED Special FX lights were installed in the dance floor accompanied by seven LED UV bar fixtures.

HeyDay Entertainment Center

For the sports fans, more than 30 HD displays were installed throughout both stories of the building, ranging from 55- to 75-inch displays. Three weather resistant, high-brightness displays for the patio were installed to provide content to customers outside.

Custom tablet controls enable HeyDay staffers to manage the audio system for each zone by selecting the audio source, adjusting the volume and controlling wireless microphones.

Additional control features include assigning digital video source selection, full remote functions of a DirecTV tuner and presentation control capabilities.

With the goal of opening for spring to capitalize on the influx of visitors to the Bricktown District, time was of the essence, and Ford AV met the 90-day target. Because this project involved a renovated building, it necessitated Ford adapt to the current infrastructure as opposed to a design/build project.

This required on-going collaboration and coordination with the owner to arrange speakers, lighting and display equipment to ensure proper coverage and distribution.

A 61-foot direct view large LED video wall required Ford engineers to design a custom mounting frame for the display.

Impact on HeyDay

The venue owners were impressed with Ford’s ability to achieve their vision. Their goal was to create a venue with a fun atmosphere and plenty of eye candy—and Ford delivered.

Whether their customers are visiting for a few rounds of bowling or to watch an Oklahoma City Thunder game, the Bricktown complex affords the versatility to meet a variety of needs and event.

HeyDay enjoys the ability for its staff to easily control the systems so they do not need to hire AV professionals.

After three successful projects in tandem between Ford and HeyDay, more possibilities remain to push the AV boundaries in these cutting-edge family entertainment complexes.

Learn more about the HeyDay Entertainment Center here.

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HeyDay Entertainment Center in Norman, Oklahoma
HeyDay Entertainment Center in Norman, Oklahoma

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